5 Tips to Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills

5 Tips to Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills

If there’s anything you can do for your child within your power, would you do it? Parents will no doubt give their complete affirmation to this question. As parents, you would want to do anything that would bring out the best in your children, even if it entails some sacrifice on your part. As advocates of child education international, we believe that a child’s literacy skill is one of the great things they can achieve. It’s a lasting inheritance that no one can steal from them.

Why not begin planting seeds of love by reading at home? These little investments you do will yield a great return when they grow up. Our team at Chief Stephen O. Nwankwo Children’s Literacy Foundation International Incorporated shares the following reading improvement tips:

  1. Be an example in reading

    Show your kid that you’re also reading at home especially during your spare time. Whether it’s the day’s paper, your favorite novel, or a religious leaflet, your reading practice shows them the value you give to reading.

  2. Make books accessible at home

    Secure reading materials for your children. Leave them in places at home which they can easily have access to. In this way, they’ll be frequently exposed to literature.

  3. Get the whole family involved

    Let reading be a regular part of your family bonding activity. You can even be creative as to perform storytelling effects to the kids. They’ll find reading as a way to spend time with the family and associate it with family closeness.

  4. Allow kids to choose books

    If your child has found an interesting book, let them have it. Giving them a free hand on picking their books allows them some sense of achievement and ownership that emboldens their interest in reading. They would want to allot more reading time for the book they’ve selected.

  5. Establish reward system for reading

    You can also set up a DIY (do-it-yourself) reward system at home. This way, they will have goal on finishing a particular book. Eventually, they would want to read some more even with no more physical rewards given. Just make sure you’ve agreed on such reward, so it won’t be a burden to you.

We’re glad that these reading tips can help your children. But do you know that some kids in other parts of the world can’t even read? In countries like Nigeria, most families don’t have the means to send their kids to school. This results in a high rate of illiteracy for their generation. Our non-profit organization in Houston Texas is helping these families out. We offer scholarships and health care aids to underprivileged children so that they can gain a quality education. But we can’t do this alone. We need your kindness and generosity to make this good work prosper. Your donation of any amount can already go a long way by investing in these kids’ better future. Keep in touch with us on how you can make a change.

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