4 Ways that Poverty Affects Education


Do you think you’ve been missing something in your life? Have you tried helping someone in need? If you have, you’ve also felt how this kind of self-giving actually adds something in us, right? The amazing thing about generosity is that the more you give the more that you also receive. Our non-profit organization in Houston Texas is creating programs and activities that help alleviate the conditions of poor children in Nigeria. Would you like to experience the fulfilling days helping those in poverty-stricken countries? We can connect you to these.

But first, we’d like to share how poverty has affected the educational foundation of the Nigerian families we’re helping out. Take a quick look at this list:

  1. Lack of healthy meals

    Because of poverty, Nigerian children can’t get the right amount of nutrition. Because of this, their learning capacity is also affected. They don’t have enough alertness to pay attention to their teachers. Some can’t even make it to school because of hunger. This is just one of the basic needs that we’re finding ways to address in our Literacy foundation International incorporate in Houston Texas, USA.

  2. Lack of vocabulary exposure

    Due to the lack of the financial means, impoverished families can’t have access to good books, social activities, and even television programs, which can expose them to further vocabulary discoveries. If they can’t even go to school because they’re unfed, they won’t be able to learn at all. And the cycle of poverty can be repeated with the following generations to come.

  3. Poverty mindset

    The poverty mindset brings about the defeated attitude. Most people below the poverty line believe that there’s no longer a way out for them. They choose to live and work for one day at a time until their last breaths. Chief Stephen O. Nwankwo Children’s Literacy Foundation International Incorporated would like to tell them otherwise. Education is their light at the end of the tunnel.

  4. More domestic demands

    Because they need to earn for their food on a daily basis, children from poor families are left at home to do the chores. Parents go out to work, so older kids take care of the younger ones. Then there are laundries, dishes, and home cleaning. With these roles, they can’t have sufficient time to study or perform their homework. As a result, their interest in education suffers.

What if there’s a way for them to break free from this poverty cycle? And what if there’s something you can do to help them? Would you go out of your way for those in need? You certainly can help improve their lives by working with us by investing in their education. Our programs for Child Education International aim to provide scholarships and health care contributions to these Nigerian families. You can donate or volunteer according to the abundance of kindness in your heart. Feel free to keep in touch with us at Chief Stephen O. Nwankwo Children’s Literacy Foundation International Incorporated.

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