Increase Literacy: 5 Reasons Why You Should Donate Your Books

Increase Literacy 5 Reasons Why You Should Donate Your Books

Are you a certified book lover? For someone like you, letting go of your books can be a far-fetched idea. Your connection with your books is so sacred that no other person can fully understand it. So why would you even entertain donating them away?

As an advocate of nurturing Child Education International, we believe that every adult and children deserve the blessing of literacy through books. Reading materials are great tools and motivators to nurture literacy. When you donate your books, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Sense of fulfillment

    You know you’re helping another person. This knowledge expands your horizon and makes you see that there are other essential things in this world. You will realize your own purpose in the life of another person, and this gives that sense of fulfillment that no money can buy. People who have learned to donate to a Literacy Foundation International Incorporated in Houston Texas, USA have experienced this joy and so they don’t stop donating again and again.

  2. De-cluttering

    Admit it. There are books in your shelf that have really been just occupying space. Not that they haven’t touched you in any way. It’s just that you’re too busy to even pick them up again for another read. With plenty of books like this lying around at home, you will be rewarding yourself with a fulfilling de-cluttering option.

  3. Increase literacy

    This bears repeating. After all, literacy is as essential as the food we eat and the air we breathe. We need to be literate in order to work, communicate with others, and reach progress. Many families in the poverty line are not literate. With books freely given to them, they can have quality literature and literacy experience without having to break the bank.

  4. Welcome new books

    When you donate your books to a non-profit organization in Houston Texas, you’re also giving room for new ones. It’s just like what they said. The more that you give, the more also will you receive. When you have freed up space in your shelf, you’re also opening more space so that current literature can enter your home and your heart.

  5. Life-changing

    Books have changed your life, haven’t they? In the first place, the reason why you got so connected to them is they have changed your life for the better. Isn’t this going to be a worthwhile goal for another person? Help another person change their lives through the book that you share.

At Chief Stephen O. Nwankwo Children’s Literacy Foundation International Incorporated, we know that it’s not just books that are free to be donated. You can also donate an equivalent amount to purchase quality reading resources for the young Nigerian learners that we’re supporting. This way, you don’t only get to keep your book, but you also get to help others get their own learning resource.

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