Give the Children a Sense of Belongingness Through Literacy

Give the Children a Sense of Belongingness Through Literacy

We believe that literacy helps contribute to giving children a sense of belongingness in the society. When a child is knowledgeable about many things, even the basic ones, it gives them the courage to discover and pursue their dreams. It gives them the ability to understand and interact with other people with confidence and self-assurance. It also gives them the motivation to push themselves to reach their full potential along with their peers.

Unfortunately, not all children have the privilege of education because their parents or guardians lack the resources to pay for tuition and school requirements. What they only have are the resources to survive their day-to-day living, which is why Chief Stephen O. Nwankwo Children’s Literacy Foundation International Incorporated makes every ounce of effort to encourage people to support promoting literacy for underprivileged children.

The world continues to grow, develop, and evolve. Even the literate children struggle to keep up with the new technology and other modern stuff. How much more for those children who do not even know how to read or write? How do you think children can survive within the society without even knowing how to read road warnings? How can they figure out if the store owner is giving them the correct change when they buy the things that they need? Not knowing how to blend into the growing community creates a terrible impact on these children, leaving them to feel left out.

There are children in different parts of Nigeria who need your help. Hand in hand, let us support them to help them live the life that they deserve. Through our Literacy Foundation International Incorporated in Houston Texas, USA, we can bring together these underprivileged children and give them the opportunity to become educated and literate. Just like everyone else, they deserve to feel a sense of belongingness.

Yes. We all want to belong to something and feel a sense of belongingness. We want to receive the same opportunities that can help us improve and develop just like everyone else. We need to become part of a society that can support our well-being and give us a chance to become who we aspire to be.

Let us give children hope for their dreams to come true. You do not have to donate large sums of money to help them. Even with a small donation, you are already helping one child to receive the opportunity of learning in our non-profit organization in Houston Texas and enable them to get the privileges of a Child Education International. You will be surprised what these children can achieve someday as they walk the path to literacy!

Do you have questions or comments about our foundation? Please leave them in the comments section below, and we will get back with you. You are also welcome to call us at your most convenient time. You can reach us at 832-712-4920.

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