The Factors That Affect a Child’s Learning Ability

The Factors That Affect a Child’s Learning Ability

When it comes to academic achievement or learning, there are various factors that contribute to a child’s success. If you want to know more on which factors you should focus on to help a child learn more about the world, then here are some things that you must know.

  • Genetics
    Numerous scientific studies have shown that genetics play a big role in a child’s development, most especially with regards to a child’s learning abilities. It is said that children are already born with innate learning abilities that they can use to survive in this world. Some studies propose that it’s the mother who transmits a major part of intelligence to her child while some studies say that it’s actually both parents who provide intelligence to the child even before they are born. There remains so much to discover about how the parents’ genes can affect a child’s learning abilities.
  • Environment
    Children also learn new bits of information day by day through the things they see, hear, taste, smell, and touch. The environment has a big impact on how children acquire knowledge as they grow older. They learn language and concepts from their parents, elders, siblings, and learned peers.
  • Learning Style
    It is undeniable that people have different strategies in order to acquire, store, and retain information. These strategies can be called as “learning styles”. The way how a child learns new information affects the child’s learning ability. A child can have one or more dominant learning styles even if they can learn new information through all of the proposed learning styles. But it really depends on the child’s preference.
  • Resources
    Socioeconomic status affects a child’s ability to learn in a great way. Children who are born in third-world countries or countries with higher poverty rates do not have access to books, toys, computers, classrooms, and high-quality education. They lack enough resources for them to learn more and explore the world. Sometimes, schools also lack capable teachers to guide children in their academics. Learning should be accessible to all ages and all social classes. That is why donations and help are highly needed by children who are in poor countries or children who live in faraway rural areas.

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