Sponsor a Child’s Education – and Help Change the World

Sponsor a Child’s Education – and Help Change the World

We’ve seen it in the movies. We’ve felt the clamor in our hearts. Our world needs changing. This may seem very theatrical at first glance, but when you carefully see this through, you will find that it’s as real as your own needs at home. When you come to think of it longer, you’ll realize that changing the world is something that each of us must participate in.

In our non-profit organization in Houston, Texas, we achieve this by preparing the next generation of leaders through quality education. It’s our advocacy that education is one’s weapon against the hardships in life, be it poverty, ailments, or violence that affects different parts of the world.

Would you also like to change the world? Lest you think this call is only for heroes, you can’t be anymore mistaken. This is a call that each of us can do something about, and if you partner with us in our Literacy Foundation International Incorporated in Houston, Texas, USA, you’ll be helping change the world one child at a time. We do this through quality education.

These are the ways that we move forward toward a better world through quality education:

  • Programs for Education Awareness

    Many families in challenged areas in Nigeria would want to see their children to school but for economic realities. And yet, they put high regard on education as an empowering weapon and vehicle towards better life. We work towards helping them open doors of great opportunities for a brighter future through educational programs.

  • Scholarship Grants

    Nigerian parents also recognize that education is their ally. However, some may find that going to school is such a luxury. For these concerns, we provide scholarship to children so they can have the opportunity to go to school and get the chance to improve their and their family’s lives. With scholarship, they’re given the chance to pursue their dreams.

  • Programs for Health Education

    Maintaining good health at home is also a major need, especially when there are little children in the family. Hygiene practices have to be diligently performed to preserve from infection. To support families in pursuing their bright future, we also help protect their health. We provide relevant programs that educate the families in taking care of themselves and their little ones towards their overall health.

  • Student Exchange Programs

    From time to time, we send deserving students to another country for an opportunity of better learning exposure, and we make this happen through our student exchange programs. We believe that these children can further hone their knowledge when they’re immersed in a culture that’s fresh to them.

As we continue to push for Child Education International, we bank on the generous donations of our partners at Chief Stephen O. Nwankwo Children’s Literacy Foundation International Incorporated. We recognize that changing the world isn’t achieved by one person, but by many persons working as one.

If you’re touched in your heart to donate, contact us right away.

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