The Importance of Reading Books for Children

The Importance of Reading Books for Children Children in developed countries are fond of playing games on their gadgets. They learn new stuff through videos of animated characters on the screen. But for children in rural areas where there is no access to gadgets and the Internet, they tend to play more in their respective … Continue reading

4 Ways that Poverty Affects Education

Do you think you’ve been missing something in your life? Have you tried helping someone in need? If you have, you’ve also felt how this kind of self-giving actually adds something in us, right? The amazing thing about generosity is that the more you give the more that you also receive. Our non-profit organization in … Continue reading

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5 Tips to Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills

If there’s anything you can do for your child within your power, would you do it? Parents will no doubt give their complete affirmation to this question. As parents, you would want to do anything that would bring out the best in your children, even if it entails some sacrifice on your part. As advocates … Continue reading