How You Unknowingly Discourage Your Child

Discouragement is a terrible thing to happen to a person, especially to a child. As a non-profit organization in Houston, Texas, we believe that no parent will ever want to discourage their children. Instead, they always work hard towards pushing them for their own successes. Parents would love to see their children make their mark … Continue reading

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What to Do When Your Child Is Unmotivated to Study

The value of education transcends your lifetime. We can think about Plato, Albert Einstein, or St. Thomas Aquinas, as among the many prominent and learned people in the past who, after centuries since they’ve passed on, have still continued to influence us today. You may not end up in the same pedestal as theirs, but … Continue reading

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Sponsor a Child’s Education – and Help Change the World

We’ve seen it in the movies. We’ve felt the clamor in our hearts. Our world needs changing. This may seem very theatrical at first glance, but when you carefully see this through, you will find that it’s as real as your own needs at home. When you come to think of it longer, you’ll realize … Continue reading

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Why Do We Provide Educational Scholarship to Children?

A child’s educational foundation is a treasure that they can bring with them for life, cannot be robbed from them, and which they can pass on to others. In countries such as Nigeria, educational attainment is given very high regard. Learning is a powerful tool to change lives for the better. As an advocate for … Continue reading

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3 Deadly Diseases in Nigeria and the Importance of Proper Health Care

Chief Stephen O. Nwankwo Children’s Literacy Foundation International Incorporated in Houston Texas, USA is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing health care, scholarships, and educational grants to the underprivileged youth in developing rural communities in Nigeria. We believe that access to proper education and health care is the key to a better, healthier, and more … Continue reading

A Brighter Future for Nigerian Children: It All Starts with Education

For families who are in crisis, have been victims of disasters, or are experiencing overwhelming poverty, keeping their children in school and on track with their education can be very challenging, if not, even impossible. More than 124 million children and youth around the world are out of school, with some having no access to … Continue reading

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